Storage Services in Nairobi

Get access to secure, clean, spacious, and private storage spaces in Nairobi Kenya.

We specialize in both:

1) Self Storage – This is where we pack your goods, generate a packing list, and transport your goods to the storage space of your choice.

2) Storage – This is where we pack your goods to international standards, generate a packing list, and transport your goods to our storage facilities

Storage in Transit (Temporary Storage)

Storage in Transit (SIT) is a short-term storage solution we offer in Nairobi designed for people who experience unexpected hiccups within their moving process. Sometimes during Moving, people are not ready to receive their goods at their destination or ship out immediately for one reason or the other and therefore need storage of their goods temporarily. 

Storage in Transit is usually used by:

  • Exporters: In many cases, people put their items in storage for them to process the paperwork and have all the documents needed in hand by the time the shipment arrives. This saves on accrued demurrage and port storage charges. SIT also comes in handy for exporters shipping on groupage options.
  • Importers: This kind of storage is always a good option to avoid hefty demurrage and port storage charges since sometimes the shipment is cleared before schedule and the lease contract is yet to take effect.
  • House renovators: We help you pack your goods, put them in storage as you refurbish your house, and then return them upon completion and set the house up as if you never moved in the first place.
  • Individuals moving abroad on temporary Visas and want to save on lease expenses.
  • When your notice period at the origin house expires before the lease agreement at the new house is put in place.

Long Term Storage

Many clients consider long-term storage in Nairobi especially clients moving abroad for work with more than one year visa and do not want to carry their belongings, clients with limited storage spaces in their house and want to put the surplus in storage. We offer two types of storage:

  • Open Space Storage: this is storing your goods in a shared space at a lower cost.
  • Closed Space Storage: this is storing goods in lockable units. You lock your units and keep the keys until when you want to access your goods and remove them.

How to find convenient storage space in Nairobi?

We are your convenient and safest space by having the following qualities; Central location, unrestricted access, Fast move-in/out, Private parking, goods reception, change/add space, and Insurance for your goods.

 We have 24-hour CCTV, an electric fence, security guards, and secure access. Our facility is fireproof and has good insurance for every unit. You have your padlock and key with you authorizing access.

We offer personalized service with flexible contracts for your convenience.

Who can use a storage facility in Kenya?

Our storage facilities are used by the following groups and more:

  1. Non- government agencies.
  2. Online businesses and entrepreneurs.
  3. Local businesses.
  4. Individuals need more space at home.
  5. Families moving houses.
  6. People moving abroad.
  7. Large corporations.

Why choose us?

  • Rent the storage space you need
  • Rental periods are flexible, rent from 1 month to 1 year
  • We are centrally located
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Unrestricted access to your storage unit
  • Secure building
  • We can assist you with transportation
  • Insurance provided for every storage unit

Experience Hassle Free Storage Services in Nairobi

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