TV Mounting Services in Nairobi

Visa Movers Kenya is the best TV mounting service company in Nairobi with professional workers to handle your TVs and walls with care. Get your TV mounted and all unsightly wires taken care of by our experts.

What is the best height to mount your TV?

TV mounting is fixing and placing your television on a fixed surface such as a wall, metallic or wooden surface.  The best height to mount your TV is around 1.5 to 2.5 meters from the ground but it is considered favorable when the TV mounting height is moderate. You also don’t want to mount your TV so high that you strain your neck while watching a show by lifting your head at certain angles.

Benefits of TV mounting in Nairobi

  1. TV security and safety: it helps in safeguarding the TV from falls, theft, and accidents. Depending on where you live in Nairobi, the overall security is also to prevent people from stealing, pushing, and hitting your TV.
  2. TV durability and comfort: the lesser you touch your television, the more you increase the durability of your television. Most televisions are controlled by remotes and it makes it easy for them to be safe and last longer due to less touch.
  3. Avoiding fingerprints and touches from your screen.
  4. Eliminating glare: Poor glaring light and reflection can be avoided by mounting your screen in the corner, in the center of the room, or at an angle that does not reflect light from the window or the door.
  5. Angular illumination helps in having a good view of your screen. It prevents you from straining your eyes and head.

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TV Mounting Bracket types and Prices

There are 3 types of TV mounting brackets in Nairobi that include:

Flat TV wall bracket

A flat TV wall bracket normally fixes the television in one place without moving or tilting the TV on any side or at any angle making the TV rigid. It is the best TV mount for people who want a fixed TV and don’t need to tilt.

This is the most affordable and easy bracket to fix in TV mounting services. They cost between Ksh. 1000 and Ksh. 1500

Tilt TV wall bracket

The tilt TV wall mount bracket is a type of mounting bracket that tilts the television up and down at an angle. Its price ranges from Ksh.1500 to Ksh.2000.

Turn TV wall bracket

This is the best TV mounting bracket for people that want to watch their television from all angles as the turn TV wall mount bracket turns in all angles. The price ranges from Ksh.2000 to Ksh.2500.

We offer the best TV mounting services with top-of-the-range equipment and quality service. We can do mounting services on the same day as your moving day as we unmount and mount from your previous location to the current location. We are fully equipped for you including having a locater on hand to get the perfect position for your TV, contact us today for your quote. TV mounting prices in Kenya vary depending on the size of the TV being mounted and the TV wall mount bracket.

Visa Movers Kenya comes prepared with wall covers upon request to cover and hide your wires after mounting the television. Although a TV cannot be mounted on soft tiles and gypsum, televisions can be mounted in a room around the house. We can also mount your TV speakers and sound bars properly so that you can receive the best sound quality possible.

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